Colleen Dwyer Meloche is a Montreal based artist who works predominantly with porcelain. Her art practice ranges from eclectic ceramics for the home to sculptural constructions incorporating 
clay, wood, metal and at times, found objects.

portraitIn her functional work, Colleen layers stencils of coloured underglazes and applies image transfers as surface treatment. Each piece renders a variation of the colour palette on a black and white base.

Her precariously assembled sculptures reminiscent of toys, circus equipment and the domestic refuge explore idealism in childhood and play, the tension between the cherished and the reviled and the desire for balance of work and pleasure in domestic space. Colleen’s work questions the underside of precious as it plays out in the metaphors of bell jars, tightropes and spinning tops.

Colleen received her BFA with distinction from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. She has participated in long-term ceramic internships in both Montreal (AtelierTransit) and the south of France (Office Franco-québecois pour la Jeunesse); where she enjoyed individual mentoring and on-site experience in driving a professional art practice. Colleen has also studied drawing in Italy and has exhibited in France, the United States and Canada.





2011 Concordia University Montreal, Quebec
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics (with honors)

1995 Hamline University St. Paul, Minnesota
Bachelor of Arts in French literature and Education, cum laude

Artistic Development

2011 Intensive Drawing course Acquapendente, Italy
Concordia University

Four week study of drawing within cultural-historical context

2000 Ceramic Internship Ollioulles, France
Office Franco-québecois pour la Jeunesse

Creation of unique pieces for exhibition
Participation in diverse aspects of professional art production

2001 Atelier Transit Internship Montreal, Quebec
Centre de Céramique Bonsecours

Creation of unique ceramic art products
Development of professional production for 1001 Pots
Evolution of same art production for Salon de Métiers d’Art

Selected Exhibitions

2011 “Go Figure”, VAV Gallery, Montreal, Quebec

2011 “Material Culture”, Gaïa Ceramic Gallery, Montreal, Quebec

2010 “CéraMystique”, Garden sculpture, Mystique, Quebec

2010 “Surface Tension”, Gaïa Ceramic Gallery, Montreal, Quebec

2009 “Cru/À Point/Bien Cuit”, FOFA Gallery, Montreal, Quebec

2009 “Are we there yet?”, Gallery Les Territoires, Montreal, Quebec

2009 “Céramique 14 Paris”, Salon Céramique 14, Paris, France

2008 “Réflections”, Gaïa Ceramic Gallery, Montreal, Quebec

2002 “20 ans: Présence et Passion”, Centre de Céramique Bonsecours, Montreal, Quebec

2002 Special order “In Black and White” series, Galerie d’Art Iris, Baie St. Paul, Quebec

2001 ”Le Passé au Présent”, La Centrale Gallery, Montreal, Quebec

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